What we do & Why we do it

We develop a game helping autistic kids practice their social skills

Using first-person simulations of social interactions, we make work on social skills fun, engaging and more effective.

For the child, our platform is a game, where each level consists of interactive videos, asking them to identify another person’s feelings or intentions, choose appropriate actions in a situation, or engage the person on the screen using natural communication methods.

For therapists and parents, we provide an effective learning tool that the child will love, along with performance measurement tools that help keep track of the child’s progress.

Therapists and families lack the tools to help their children

Many kids on the autism spectrum are able to flourish and lead a socially fulfilling life with the intensive help of their parents and therapists who work with them on the many facets of their condition.

One common method used in working with these children is simulation of social situations, breaking them down to defined, small segments, and analyzing them methodically.

But therapists and parents lack the tools to create believable simulations, share them with others, allow the child to engage in independent work, and keep track of their progress.

 How We Help


We offer kids a game where social skills are practiced in a fun and engaging way. With us, they can explore the outcome of their actions in a safe and controlled environment, and understand the subtleties of social interactions that are so easy to miss in real life.


We allow parents to take an active part in their child’s progress, giving them the tools to work with them at home. With progress metrics, they can keep a close track of the child’s therapy, and find out what works best for them.


During sessions, we provide believable simulations of a multitude of social interactions, replacing manual work with drawing stories and cut-and-paste cartoons. With our platform, therapists can facilitate the child’s learning at home, independently, and track their progress for more effective treatment.



The Team


Ariel Bruner

CEO & Co-Founder

B.Sc in CS and Math from Tel-Aviv University and M.Sc student in CS. Ariel has experience in software development and academic research. His brother has special needs, and this has influenced his commitment to creating a tool that can help other people thrive socially.


Liron Klinger

VP Product and Marketing & Co-Founder

B.A in psychology and teaching method development. 10 years experience in product marketing of sw products. A mother of a child with autism, vast relationship with the spacial families community.


Rony Kirsch

CTO & Co-Founder

B.Sc in CS and Math from Tel-Aviv University. Rony has been coding since he was young and is responsible for the development of Sentidio’s infrastructure. He is very passionate about gaming and aspires to create an educational impact through games.


Shani Peer

Therapist, content curation

BOT (Bachelor in Occupational Therapy) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is a registered and licensed O.T in the state of New York. She has done a wide range of prefessional development courses both in the USA and in Israel. She has been working with children with ASD (among other diagnoses) for the past 12 years. She specializes in sensory regulation methods, while seeing the child as an individual at the center of the therapeutic process. She aspires to help children and their families live happy and independent lives.

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